Unable to perform Get Live profile with same credentials of Orektic account

Modified on Fri, 06 May 2022 at 10:08 AM

If a customer is not able to perform get live Profile, even after entering the same credentials with which he had logged into FTP Attachments Web application then perform the below steps.

Root cause 1: This is because we have moved our server on 8th march 2014.

For Standalone Version

  • Please open web.config under sforce folder of your installed FTP Attachments® application 
  • Look for <add key="LiveWebApplication" value="https://www.enzigma.com/sforce/" /> 
  • Please change the part www.enzigma.com to app.ftpattachments.com so it looks as 

<add key="LiveWebApplication" value="https://app.ftpattachments.com/sforce/" /> 

  • Save the file

Root Cause 2 : (If the Standalone client is using any build older than FTP Attachments® build 4.13.8)

  • In FTP Attachments builds older than 4.13.8, UTF 8 encoding was used. Also, License.dat file was having UTF 8 character encoding. 
  • Due to having certain limitations, we have used the UTF 16 character encoding from FTP Attachments build 4.13.8 and above.
  • To resolve this issue and to perform Get Live profile, the client having FTP Attachments builds older than 4.13.8 will have to get the UTF 8 License file from the support team or upgrade the build to latest version.
  • We recommend you to upgrade the FTP Attachments build to the version  4.13.8 or above to avoid any kind of discrepancies occurring at your end.

Once all the above steps are done, do Get Live Profile and check if you getting the error.

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