Error while trying to configure Azure server in®

Modified on Mon, 17 Oct 2016 at 02:51 PM

While configuration of Azure storage server or saving the remote site settings user come across below error:


To avoid this error user will have to add the following remote site settings to their salesforce instance:

The below example will show how to add account settings to salesforce:

Go to Setup ► Security Controls ► Remote Site Settings

Create a new page with the following specification:

⦁ Remote Site Name: Azure Blob Service (Account Name as specified in your server)

⦁ Remote Site URL: ⦁

⦁ Check the Active box

⦁ Save the settings

Note: In the above example, Remote Site Name can consist any name which the user prefer. The Remote Site URL should consist of the specified URL only with the respective account name in place of ‘attachment expert’.

CORS Settings -

When you save your settings a CORS setting will be done on your Account, so that this application can access that account. If you like to restrict the permissions to account in anyways through CORS please go to your azure account, and change the CORS configuration there as shown below.

An example setting is given below which is likely be set by this application. This setting gives access to your bucket from any salesforce instance and application.


The background coding for the Cors Configuration for Azure Blob Server is as shown below:


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