Data Security in FTP Attachments®

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2.1 Storage

1) FTP Attachments® allows storage on your personal network you can set up security as per your requirements and important       or confidential documents need never leave your secure network.

2) FTP Attachments® you can store your files (attachments) on your own. Storage Server without any built-in maximum size limit.

    The highest level of SSL based encryption available in the market can be used for your files since FTP Attachments® resides in your own controlled environment.

3) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol with Secure Sockets Layer. HTTPS is a protocol to transfer encrypted data over the Web.
    There are two primary differences between an HTTPS and an HTTP connection work:

  •   HTTPS connects on port 443, while HTTP is on port 80
  •   HTTPS encrypts the data sent and received with SSL, while HTTP sends it all as plain text.

4) FTP Attachments® follows SQL injection. SQL injection is a technique often used to attack data driven applications [1]. 

    This is done by including portions of SQL statements in an entry field in an attempt to get the website to pass a newly formed     rogue SQL command to the database (e.g., dump the database contents to the attacker). SQL injection is a code injection           technique that exploits a security vulnerability in an application's software.

2.2. Application Server

1) FTP Attachments® supports following Server for file storage  

  • Local
  • FTP
  • FTPS
  • SFTP
  • Amazon S3 and  Ftp Chunk.

2.3. Salesforce

1) Secure transmission and sessions Connection to the Salesforce environment is via SSL 3.0/TLS 1.1 and above, using global      step-up certificates from Verisign, ensuring that our users have a secure connection from their browsers to our service.

2) Individual user sessions are identified and re-verified with each transaction, using a unique token created at login
    (where SSL is Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol for encrypting information over the Internet).

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