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FTP Attachments® Importer

FTP Attachments® Importer Tool

FTP Attachments® Importer is a command line tool based on C# console application. It can import

files from your local computer to FTP Attachments®. This tool is ideal if you are migrating attachment

from Legacy system to your Salesforce. The Importer tool can also be used for automation.


  • Can import up to 1000 files in a single run.
  • Files successfully imported are moved to a success folder.
  • Detailed log output to find status of all records and errors if any.
  • Command based tool can be invoked from the Task Scheduler for automation.

You can download the Latest FTP Attachments® Importer build from the following link.


How to use the tool?


Input.csv is an input file where you are required to store the information like Name of the
Object for the record, record id to which the attachment is to be attached, Storage Folder name and
Absolute path of the folder where the attachment is stored ( this is of the machine that will run the
Importer tool). This file will work as an input file that contains required data for the tool to
handle the request to store the attachments (at the path mentioned) for the record (identified
through Record Id).

PS: We have provided an illustration in the Input.csv file.


This file is for your reference, you will find the command in this file. Kindly make the necessary
changes as explained below and paste it on the command prompt.

Importer --input-file="d:\FTPAttachmentImporter\Input.csv" --log-
file="d:\FTPAttachmentImporter\Log.txt" --success-folder="d:\FTPAttachmentImporter\Success"
--max-size=1 –do-not-move = “true”

Above line is a command line which represent following things :

1. Input-file (highlighted in green color): This will give the path of the Input file stored on the
machine, for illustration we have provided sample records in the Input.csv file. You can create your
own input file and save it as .csv. Provide the absolute path of this input file here in this command.
2. Log file (highlighted in yellow color): This application Log file will contain events that are
logged by the applications. Events that are written to the application log are determined by the
developers of the software program, not the operating system. Provide the absolute path of this Log
file here in this command. Log.txt will maintain all the events that will execute in application to
your Log folder specified path.
PS: You can specify your own Log file path as well as name of Log file.

3. Success folder (highlighted in blue color): This folder will maintain all your records migrated
successfully. The above (highlighted in blue color) specified path is just for reference you can
change the path and name of folder as per your requirement.


Importer.exe.config is a config file which has all settings of FTP Attachments®. Like URL,
Salesforce instance credential like username and password.

How to run the tool?

                                                                     Fig: 1.

Open the command prompt and follow the steps given below.
  • Using basic command in command prompt go to the path where you have kept the FTP
        Attachments® Importer folder. (For example : In above Fig: 1,D:\FTPAttachmentImporter>)
  • Copy the command from the Command.txt file and paste in the command prompt and press
        enter (as shown in above Fig: 1).
  • You will see all your files are migrated successfully to the success folder.

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